How To: Make glow in the dark printer ink

Make glow in the dark printer ink

Use your printer to make glow in the dark ink at home. The ink can be used to make posters, stickers, or even glow in the dark tee-shirts!

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how does the print head deal with the glow powder? Does it get clogged up?

Might be a little easier to believe this video if the editor had any idea how to spell correctly!

The end looks almost fake... I hope it's not though, this would be an awesome project if it really worked.... But can someone provide a website or something to buy the supplies from?

Oh.. and to the first two comments: the microwave heated the ink, allowing the glow powder's molecules to become stuck more evenly between the ink's molecules (much like dissolved sugar in warm water)... and as long as not too much of the glow powder was added, there isn't much of a chance of it falling out of solution and clogging your print head.

Total rubbish - FAKE.
I spent the best part of a day trying to get this to work. With differnet colours, printers and powders from differnt suppliers.
It just does not work.
Also when you try to microwave after just 10 seconds (800 watt microwave) it just boils over and fills your microwave with ink.
I was going to make this as a commercial product as I already produce many glow in the dark products. So if anyone knows a real way of doing this let me know.

Fake!!! When he has the camera on the paper as it is charging, it is obvious that it is in his hand, as it moves and is unsteady. But when the lights are turned "off" the glow in the dark image is completely stationary!! It does not move at all!! So it is obviously a photo shopped image that he simply cut and pasted into the video...Gay!!!

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