How To: Make giraffe prints with Ranger's alcohol ink

Make giraffe prints with Ranger's alcohol ink

Patti Behan shows us how to make this beautiful giraffe prints to create an amazing card.

You will need:
Non-Stick Craft Sheet,Adirondack Alcohol ink in Pool and Aqua,Adirondack ink in pitch black,Applicator tool and Felt,
Ribbons,Clear Stamp Set,Acrylic block
White pearls, White Gloss paper, Cardstock, Scissors, Adhesive.
•Place a piece of felt firmly onto the Ink Applicator tool. Add a generous amount of ink to the felt.
•Working on the Non-Stick Craft Sheet, color the smaller white rectangle with ink. Set aside to dry.
•Use scissors to cut felt into crooked squares and rectangles to mimic the spots of a giraffe. Place them firmly onto the ink applicator tool in a random fashion. Make sure they do not touch each other.
•Add Pool ink to the felt and stamp onto the now blue rectangle in a random fashion. Stamp off the rectangle to fill the entire space.
•Place clear stamps onto an acrylic block. Ink the stamps with the Pitch Black Pigment pad. Stamp the image onto the centre of your giraffe print. Allow it to dry or you can speed up the drying with a Heat Tool.
•Glue ribbon to the top end of the card, and trim off the ends with scissors.
•Glue stamped rectangle to the center of the remaining white rectangle.
•Glue the blue and white rectangles centered and about 3/8" from the folded edge of the card.
•Tie a piece of ribbon into a knot. Trim the edges with scissors. Glue it down with a Glue dot, and fix it onto the card where the white rectangle and ribbon meet.
•Take three pearls and glue them down to the bottom right-hand side of the card so that they are flush with the rectangle and equally apart.
•Your beautiful new baby card is ready!

You can even try using other color ink. You can use pink ink for a baby girl.

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