How to Make a folded paper printer's hat from a newspaper

In this Arts & Crafts video tutorial you will learn how to make a folded paper printer's hat from a newspaper. Take two sheets of newspaper and fold down the half way mark to make two triangles. Fold the bottom edge of the top flap and make it meet the bottom edge of the big triangle. Now fold this up again over the bottom edge of the triangle to make a big cuff. Flip it over, take the outside edges and fold them to meet at the center. Now take the bottom corners and fold them up like dog ears. Then take the whole bottom flap and fold it up. Fold the top half of the flap underneath to form a cuff. Take the top point of the paper, fold it down and tuck it under the cuff. Now open up the whole thing and flatten it to make a diamond. You will then have to watch the video to get a clear idea of the further steps.

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I use to work for the Dallas Morning News when in high school, I made a new hat every night I worked, but as the years went by I forgot how to fold one, but now I remember and dazzle the wife with such talent, along with me tying a monkey fist knot. yehaaa

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