How To: Make an easy art journal

Make an easy art journal

In this video, we learn how to make an easy art journal. You will need: card stock or thick paper (10 pcs), fabric, scissors, ruler, clips, string, and a button. First, fold your paper in half and push down the crease so the paper stays folded. Now, lay your fabric down onto a flat surface and measure it out so it fits over the paper while laid flat. Now, place marks an inch into the side of the crease of the paper. Now, line the edge of the fabric up with your paper and mark on the fabric where the holes are. Now, clamp the paper into place and poke through the holes with something sharp. After this, poke through the fabric where the holes are as well. Now, place the paper in the fabric and use the string to attach the paper to the fabric. Next, sew a button onto one side of the fabric and you will be able to connect the string onto the button.

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