How To: Make a Cricut matchbox mini chocolate bar holder

Make a Cricut matchbox mini chocolate bar holder

In order to make Matchbox Mini Chocolate Bar Holders with Cricut, you will need the following: Tag Bags Boxes & More cartridge, card stock, a bone folder, two sided tape, a cuddlebug, Stampin' Up stamps, ink pad, ribbon, a circle hole punch, and adhesive. It is on page 123 and 124 of the manual. Cut it at 2.5. After cutting it, score it where indicated. Use your bone folder and fold along the lines that you just scored. Run it through the cuddle bug. This will give you more texture. Apply adhesive to the small tabs. Assemble the box parts. Apply pressure to seal adhesive. You can use 2 sided tape, if you prefer. Decorate your box as you choose. Apply ribbon with adhesive. Cut out a stamp greeting.

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