How To: Make cool paper claws

Make cool paper claws

How to make cool paper claws:Flameboy2202 shows us how to make cool claws with paper. They are really simple and can be used at Halloween. All you need is a eight and half by eleven sheet of paper. Take the paper, fold the top right corner; try to make it as even as possible. Now, take the top point and fold it to make a pyramid kind of formation. Now take the bottom two corners and fold them in. Fold the bottom upwards so that you have a perfect triangle. Flip it over and see, you have a perfect triangle. Next, fold the right corner, making it pointed at the top. Fold it again such that the top is pointed. Now you have a spare piece of paper sticking out at the bottom. Just tuck it inside. There, that's right. Now just put your finger into it and show your claws to everyone there. Simple isn't it?

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