How To: Make cardstock roses

Make cardstock roses

In order to make Cardstock roses, you will need the following: cardstock, stencils, scissors or cutting utensil, a cutting mat, color glimmer, a hole puncher, and acrylic paint.

Trace and cut out hearts from stencils. You will need 3 – 1” hearts, 4 – 1.25” hearts, 5 – 1.50 hearts, and 6 – 2” hearts. Turn your mat over. Paint the edges of all of the hearts. Lay them on a surface: paint side up. Punch a hole in each heart at the tip. Attach them to the base. Continue, until you have used all of your hearts. Proceed from smallest to largest. Spray with color glimmer. Pull each layer of hearts up, in order to make it a 3D rose. If it begins to dry too much, then spray as needed. This is your bud. You can make it as open or as closed as you like, by adjusting the leaves.

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