How To: Make a bowl from recycled paper

Make a bowl from recycled paper

In this video, Liz Grotyohann demonstrates how to make decorative bowls from recycled paper. The materials required for the purpose a bowl shaped mold, a blender, a basin of water, a tray, a paper making tool, a sponge, some cloth and any kind of household waste paper like paper bags or junk mail. Liz prefers to use compressed packaging material and lines the bowls with old maps. She wets the map and covers the bowl with it. Pieces of brown paper are put in a blender with water and blended to a pulp. This pulp is put in the paper making tool which is immersed in water. Then it is removed of moisture using the cloth and sponge. The bowl is covered with this brown paper and pressed around it well to get the shape. This is left to dry. When it has completely dried, the edges can be cut and the insides can be painted with acrylic varnish. Your recycled paper bowl is now ready.

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