How To: Make a bow out of ribbon

Make a bow out of ribbon

The days of asking mom to wrap your presents are over! In this tutorial, learn how to tie a perfect bow for your present out of ribbon.

You Will Need:
• A ribbon
• A wire tie
• Scissors

Step 1: Pinch the ribbon and make a loop
Hold the ribbon between your thumb and index finger, leaving a length of ribbon as a tail. Wrap the ribbon around your thumb to make a center loop.

Step 2: Make a loop
Make a loop on one end, pinching it between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 3: Make another loop
Use your other hand to make a loop the longer length of ribbon. Make the loop the same size as the first, and collect it between the thumb and forefinger that is holding the first loop.

Step 4: Keep making loops
Continue looping the ribbon and collecting it between your thumb and finger until you're satisfied with the fullness of the bow.

Step 5: Tie the ribbon
Tie the middle of the ribbon with a wire tie.

Step 6: Pull the loops
Separate the loops of the ribbon, pulling them out one at a time and in opposite directions. Start from the inside and work toward the outside.

Step 7: Cut the tail
Cut the end to match the tail you left, and you are ready to decorate.

Trivia: F.W. Woolworth was the first American retailer to sell colored glass ornaments for Christmas trees in 1880.

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