How To: Make a birthday card with a pop-out cover cake

Make a birthday card with a pop-out cover cake

In order to make a birthday card with a pop-out cover cake, you will need the following: card stock, a craft knife, ribbon, double sided tape, decorative sheet, a ruler, stickers, and a pen or a pencil. Cut the card stock into strips: 3 cm and 2 cm 1.5 cm. Repeat with the other sheet. Fold the largest sheet in half. Next, fold one of the tips back 1 cm. Place some double-sided tape on it. Then, curve the opposite side around and adhere it. Repeat with the second largest, folding this one back 2 cm. Then, do the 3rd one back at 3 cm. Cut a piece of ribbon. Wrap it around one of the cake layers. Glue it. Repeat with the other layers. Use double sided tape to adhere the cake to the card stock. Decorate the rest of the card as you choose.

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