How To: Make a beautiful rosette using fabric paper

Make a beautiful rosette using fabric paper

In order to make Fabric Paper Rosettes, you will need the following: decorative fabric paper, scissors, glue, and jewel embellishments.

Cut 2 1" fabric stitch. Next, remove the fabric from its backing. Fray the edges, by removing a thread, from the edges. Cut the backing into 4 pieces. Lay them out, adhesive side up. Overlay them to make a base. Roll up a small amount of fabric on the end. Adhere it to the center of your base. Next, slowly wind the fabric around. Continue wrapping it around until you run out of fabric. If this rose is large enough for you, then stop here. If you would like it to be larger, then start the second piece. Wrap it around until it is done. Glue a jewel in the center. Glue the end of the fabric down, in order to make it less visible. Cut away the excess adhesive backing.

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