How To: Make an animated optical illusion out of paper

Make an animated optical illusion out of paper

In this how-to video, you will learn how to make an animated optical illusion with paper. First, start off with one ball and copy it five more times so that it goes in a line to the corner. Make sure there are six balls in total. Next, create a striped pattern shown. There are black bars with small white lines in between. One white space equals one sixth of the black space. This is essential in making the illusion work. Once both patterns are printed out in separate pieces of paper, lay the paper with the lines over the other with Photoshop. Now, crop it so that the ball images contain the line pattern. Now, print out the lines in a transparency and lay it over the printed out balls with line texture. Move the transparency to produce the animation effect. This video shows you a cool way to make a simple animation.

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You can create same card with some mouse click. Please check link below:

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