How To: Make 3D snowflakes

Make 3D snowflakes

Steps on how to make 3D paper snowflakes for decorating your home. Things you need: 6 pieces of square paper of equal size. scissors. gum. stapler. Steps: 1. Fold one paper to make a triangle. 2. Make three uniform cuts from both directions towards the center leaving a gap along the center. 5. Unfold the paper, let the edges of the inner cuttings meet to make a tube-like appearance and gum the edges together. 6. Turn over the paper and do the same on the second cutting. 7. Turn back again to fold the third cutting. 8. Turn over again to gum the last cutting. 8. Make 6 pieces of what you just made. Stapling together two sets of three pieces each: 1. Hold the tip or corner edges of the three pieces together and staple. 2. Do the same on the other three pieces. 3. Staple the two sets of three together to complete your 3D paper snowflake.

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