How To: Fold and fly the Boomerang paper airplane

Fold and fly the Boomerang paper airplane

Learn to fly... paper airplanes. In this video tutorial, John Collins, The Paper Airplane Guy, shows you how to fold and fly the Boomerang paper airplane.

For this Boomerang paper airplane, you'll be using a piece paper. John gives very detailed folding instructions for easy airplane making, and he also shows you how to make the Boomerang fly, giving the explanation of how it boomerangs. And he shows you how to fold it for better negative dihedral angle.

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Hey guy if you want i can show you how to make a boomerang paper air plane a lot easier with so many less folds and a lot less time. used to make it when i was little and a 6 year old could make this one lol. just message me at if you or anyone that reads this is interested is interested in learning an easier way.

by the way it was cool to see the way you make it.

I would like a better vision from your video when you make the narrow the paper to fit into the pockets. I can't get past that point because the your head and is blocking or the video is not clear.
I would really like to learn how to make it. Pat

great! but you should show it flying in the open.

I watched and understood how you made it just fine! The only question I have is what kind of paper you were using? Was it just plain old computer paper, or origami paper? And would one or the other make the plane fly better?


Made it and had a lot of fun with it. My neighbors cats were hilarious trying to catch it in the air.

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