How To: Easy Christmas Tags

Easy Christmas Tags

Why buy Christmas tags for your presents when they are so easy to make yourself! Here I'll be showing you how to make simple, easy Christmas Tags out of stuff that you may already have round the house.

You will need:

  • Paper
  • Needle and Thread
  • Foam mouse mat

Step 1: Cut the Piece of Paper to Size and Place It on the Mouse Mat

Step 2: Next, Use the Needle to Punch Out Your Design, Ready to Be Sewed. Here I'M Doing a Christmas Tree

Step 3: Then Sew Your Design on to the Paper

Step 4: Stick Your Tag onto a Plain Piece of Card to Cover Up the Back and Allow You to Write on It

Step 5: Finally, Use a Hole Puncher to Make a Neat Hole and Put Some Ribbon Through and You Are Finished!

This Is a Really Simple Tag, but You Could Always Make Them More Complex by Adding Beads, Fabric Shapes, or Creating More Complicated Designs

Merry Christmas

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