How To: Decorate a cardboard sun mirror

Decorate a cardboard sun mirror

Decorate a Cardboard Sun Mirror- Acrylic Painting Project- Art and Craft Leona from Artists Resource demonstrates how to decorate a cardboard Sun Mirror. The items required are Marabu-Decorlack Acryl starter set of 6 acrylic gloss paints, a large sheet of cardboard, a ruler, a jar of water, masking tape, Marobu Glitter outliner pen, contact adhesive, a pen, a cutting knife, scissors and a little jar of PVA. Take one round mirror, cut the cardboard in shape of sun, place the mirror on the cardboard as shown and paste is with the adhesive. Now take the white acrylic paint, and apply it with a brush on the cardboard on the front side. Leave it for an hour for the paint to dry. Now make orange paint by mixing yellow and red paint. Apply the orange paint in the center along the circle as shown, now add a bit of red to make it a little darker and apply it to the inner circle, now with another brush dipped in water, blend the two colors together, it will look like a nice glowing sun. Take yellow paint and apply to the outer rays of the sun, the decorlack paint comes with varnish, so we need not apply varnish after painting the mirror. Apply orange paint along the outer edges of the sun rays, now wash the brush with water and apply on the mirror to blend the yellow and orange paint. Now leave the paint to dry for an hour, after which we apply the Marabu Outliner Glitter. Take the gold glitter and paint the outline of the circle with a dot and dash all round. Leave the glitter to dry for 6 hours after which it will start glitter. The sun mirror is ready now. This project is created using Marabu Decorlack Acryl Starter sets. It come with 6 acrylic gloss paint and a brush.

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