How To: Create a life sized cardboard cut out of a photo

Create a life sized cardboard cut out of a photo

Select the image whatever you want from anywhere. For example, choose Google search and type high res yoda and select IMAGES choose the picture and save in your computer. Enter into rasterbator software. From the dialog box select the language what you know. Select the image using 'BROWSE..' button and we have to select '3D-Yoda.jpg' and click open button, and then click the CONTINUE button. We have to choose the standard paper size. Next press the CONTINUE button. In this dialog box we have to choose the output size of the image equal to the cardboard, that we have. After selecting the size press CONTINUE button and select (draw output line around rasterbator area). Choose dot size and color mode of the image. (If you want a image as real, select multicolor option and ) then select CONTINUE button. Again select the rasterbator button. Now the rasterbation completed. Select 'CLOSE APPLICATION' button in the dialog box. The image automatically exported to the media file and then take printout using printer settings. Then takeout the picture and arrange with the cardboard. Paste and layout the picture and cut down around the image however you want. Now you get a pleasant life size cardboard cutout.

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I love to make cardboard cutout. It gives me great pleasure.
cardboard cutout

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