How To: Create the colorburst technique with Adirondack paint

Create the colorburst technique with Adirondack paint

To perform the color burst technique using Adirondack paint, you'll need to shake a new dabber really well. Then, you will need to turn it upside down onto a craft sheet, until the paint starts to come out evenly. Once if comes out evenly, you are ready to use. Make sure you recap it, whenever it isn't in use. If you need to restarts a new dabber, squirt some water onto your craft sheet. Then, press your dabber into the water, until the ink starts to flow. Wipe away paint from your craft sheet. You will need: card stock, stamps, blending tool, an acrylic block, three dabbers, and a mister. Start with the dark colors and move to lighter ones, as you go. Shake the dabber, turn it over to get the ink to flow. Moisten it with the mister. Next, stamp it hard, onto your card surface. Dry it with your heat gun. Repeat with your other colors. If you like, you can color in the background with your ink blending tool.

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