How To: Apply a burnt edge look with distressed ink

Apply a burnt edge look with distressed ink

This video describes how to use distress ink. First we have to take a paper that we want to work on. Next take the distress ink colors. Spread the lighter colors first on the paper. Take the first color and spread it on throughout the paper. Next take the vintage photo and work on the edges with it. Next take the spiced marmalade ink and spread it on the edges again. Next take the paper and apply the paper edges directly to black soot ink pad. Next wait for sometime until it dry. Next take the distress tool and rub it on the edges. Next take the spooky stuff stamp set and apply color on it and then press it on the paper. Next give some more effect with the stamp set by applying the color on the bottom side of that. Next take any logo and apply the ink on it and then stick it on the paper.

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